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  Date: 8/20/2005   Rating:
  From:  Salem Harbor   To: Rockport Harbor
  Distance: 19 nm   Sailed: 18 nm  Time: 03:30  Speed: 5.43 kts
 Conditions: Clear, 75-80 F, Wind South at 10-15 kts, Seas 1-2 ft
 Crew: Rich, Cindy, Nicole, Kelly


Start Time

End Time




 Great Misery Island  09:00  10:00  6  6  

 Rockport Harbor  13:00  15:30  13  5.2  


Another great trip to Rockport. We stopped at Great Misery Island for Lunch and a quick swim. The sail up to Rockport was a bit choppy but the wind was great. We fired up the grill for a nice steak dinner, and then spent a quiet evening in the harbor sipping wine and watching the stars fill the sky. We head back to reality tomorrow....

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